Signing Up to AdWords

To use the AdWords API, you must request and be granted access as described below.

Step 1: Choose or create an AdWords manager account (MCC Account)

  • You must have an AdWords manager account to apply for access to the API: If you don't already have one, you'll need to create one by following these instructions for creating a manager account of Google
  • After you have an AdWords manager account, log in to the Google AdWords page with this account (assuming that you have created some Campaigns with AdGroups, Ads and Keywords)
  • Click on the Account drop-down in the upper left, you should now see a list of AdWords Accounts with the MCC Account on the top and the rest is individual accounts
    Google Adwords
  • Currently, our AdWords dashboard only supports Individual AdWords Accounts, you can get the Client Customer ID on the right side of an Individual Account

Step 2: Apply for access to the AdWords API

  • Sign up for the AdWords API when you're logged in to AdWords with your manager account. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner; select Account settings from the drop-down menu; then AdWords API Center from the left menu, and follow the instructions to apply for AdWords API access.

    The Google Developer Token is only available to MCC accounts, so you need an MCC account first if you want to do these steps. You wouldn't see the AdWords API Center option on the menu of a Testing Account

  • All fields in the AdWords API Center form must be completed, and the Terms and Conditions accepted. Make sure your information is correct and your company's website URL is functioning: If the website is not a live page, Google won't be able to process your application.
  • Make sure the API contact email you provide leads to a regularly-monitored inbox. If Google cannot contact you via this email address, they won't be able to process your application, and it will be rejected. You can edit your API contact email in the AdWords API Center (gear icon > Account settings > AdWords API Center).
  • Google strongly encourage you to keep this information up to date, even after the application process, so Google can send you important service announcements.
  • To ensure the tool or software app you propose to use with the AdWords API complies with our Terms and Conditions and Policies, including Required Minimum Functionality (RMF) (if applicable), Google will contact you shortly after you submit your application to request additional information (see step 3 below). If your company manages AdWords accounts for clients, note that you must comply with our Third Party Policy to gain access to the AdWords API.
  • We typically contact you within two business days of the date you submitted your application.

Google Adwords

  • If all steps above are successful, you will get a Developer Token and you can now go to configure your AdWords Dashboard.

    If you need a more detailed guideline to lead you to pass through these steps you should see the Google AdWords API Document