How to add Google reCaptcha using form builder

Google reCaptcha is a component in the form builder to allow users to drag & drop when building a form. To understand how to use form builder, please refer to Forms / Webforms - Creating and Managing Forms on Your Website

  • 1
    Go to Build Your Form screen
  • 2
    Navigate the Form Elements tab
    Google Recaptcha Validation
  • 3
    Find reCaptcha components then drag & drop them into your form.
  • 4
    Continue configuring your form and get the script to build a form.
  • 5
    Google reCaptcha will be generated when rendering your form.
    Google Recaptcha Validation
  • 6
    You can use the script to build a form to add to any websites you want.
  • 7
    For rendering Google reCaptcha in cross domains, you need to register these domains with Google ( Adding Google reCaptcha Validation API to your Forms )