Managing the Vehicle Listing Sort Options

  • Log in as administrator then select Launch the Admin Module
  • Once you're in the Admin Dashboard, from the left pane, click Settings > Site Setting
Vehicle Listing
  • UnderSearch Curly Brackets, on the first field, enter"vehicle setting"then click theSearchbutton to the right
Vehicle Listing
  • The results will be displayed in the grid
  • The site setting that controls the displayed price is theVehicle Settings
  • Click on theEditicon on its left
  • You will be taken to the Edit page for this setting
  • Once you're in the Edit Site Setting: Vehicle Settings, scroll down to the bottom
  • Tick the checkbox for Enable Default Sort
  • And enter "RecordOrder, Price desc" or "RecordOrder, Price asc" on the Default Sort Value field
    • This means the default sort on the vehicle listing will be the record order, then the price (descending or ascending)
  • Click Save or Save and Continue Edit
Vehicle Listing
  • Go back to the vehicle listing on the front end
  • Notice that the default sort is now "Featured"
  • The visitor can always change this by clicking on another sorting option
Vehicle Listing