Update existing images on the page/page content

  • 1
    Log in as an administrator and go to the Admin Dashboard.
    Learn how to log in here →
  • 2
    In the Admin Module, on the left menu, click Pages, then select Pages and Edit the page you wish to update or
  • 3
    Edit directly the page you wish to Update
  • 4
    Click the Image you will update on the page editor
    • Copy and Move
      • There are 2 ways to move images within a page
      • Drag the image to a new location using your mouse
      • Copy (or CTRL-C) your image and then Paste (ctrl-v) into the new location
    • Replace the image

      • Ensure you have the new image ready to go
      • Delete the old image
      • Position your cursor and click the 'Image Icon' on the toolbar - managing images
      • Select the new image from the ones available on the server or upload the image
  • 5
    Or Double Click the Image you will update on the page editor
    managing images
  • 6
    On the Image Properties window, you can update the below:
    • Image Info
      • Image URL
      • ALT Text
      • The width of the image
      • The height of the image
      • Image preview
      • Image Border
      • Image HSpace
      • Image VSpace
      • Image Alignment
    • Link
      • Image Link URL
      • Target
    • Advanced
      • ID
      • Language Direction
      • Language Code
      • Long Description URL
      • Stylesheet Classes
      • Advisory Title
      • Style