Changing the Page's Friendly Url

Friendly Url

  • 1

    After selecting the edit icon link, the page will look like the image screenshot below with Friendly URL field:

    Changing page url
  • 2

    Update the friendly URL If the page does not have any reference pages. The message isUpdate page successfully.

  • 3

    When you have completed the required changes, click Update and Continue Editat the bottom right of the page.

    Changing page url
  • 4

    This will initiate changes for the page and then redisplay the updated page in the same window. Wait until the page has fully refreshed after clicking update.

  • 5

    Note: Further changes can be made, but Update and Continue Edit must be clicked after each change to ensure the information is saved each time

  • 6

    When the epage has reference pages and Update and Continue Edit

    Changing page url
  • 7

    Once the confirmation message appears. It will prompt a message to confirm changing the URL.

    Changing page url
  • 8

    (1): Changing the URL

  • 9

    (2): Click on Expand to see the existing URL

  • 10

    (3): Click on the link to see the reference page with the link to the existing URL of pages.

  • 11

    (4): Click Yes, all reference pages will be updated with new URLs in content

  • 12

    (5): Click No, It doesn't update the new URL in the content of reference pages

  • 13

    (6): Click the X icon, it will be closed confirm the message and do nothing.

  • 14

    Click on Update And Close or Close to exit the edit screen and refresh your browser so that the changes to the page can be tested.