RSS Feeds Module

RSS Feeds Module Overview

  • The RSS Module allows you to bring different RSS News Feeds from other sites and have them appear as content on your site.
  • Many Sites publish an RSS feed that can be consumed by your site

Inserting RSS Feed via Curly Bracket

  • Log in as Administrator, In the left menu, select News > RSS.
  • List of RSS Feeds will be displayed in a grid.
RSS Feeds
  • Create a New RSS Feed button
RSS Feeds RSS Feeds
  • When selecting Blogger type, only enter the Blogger name instead of the full URL.
RSS Feeds
  • Insert RSS Feed to page.
  • Log in to manage your website area (see the login section for details). And right, navigate to the page you wish to change and click RSS Feeds to edit by using any of the three options in the example below
RSS Feeds
  • A popup will be displayed. In the Content Editor click select CurlyBracket icon
select Curly Bracket icon
  • Click Configure button in the small popup to go to the curly bracket page.
  • Search RSS Feed and enter the RSS in the search box. Then click the RSS item.
Search RSS Feed
  • Configure RSS, in this popup:
    • (1): Select an RSS Type then list RSS belonging to the current type will be listed at the second dropdown
    • (2): Choose an item in RSS Feeds then look at the review in the right corner
    • (3): Limit records display. The blank value is load all items.
    • (4): Select a template for the RSS Feed.
Configure RSS
  • Click the Insert button to complete the config step, then click the OK button to finish.