Segmenting Your Contacts

When using forms you can segment contacts automatically or allow them to self-segment as part of the form. Segment methods are, by default, labelled as follows:

  • Referred By - how did we come by this contact?
  • Campaign Code - What campaign was used to encourage this person to register?
  • Subscriber Type - What type of contact is this person
  • Certifications - What degrees, achievements, badges or another type of recognition is linked to this contact
  • Product of Interest - Which product or service are they interested in
  • Interested in Owning - Yes/No, allows you to relate products to a contact without making them appear as a sales prospect. For example, you may want to link existing owners but not mark them as "Interested in Owning"

Imagine you have a form that prompts for first name, last name, email, mobile and then a drop-down list or radio buttons for "What area do you work in". The options are set as corporate, university, self-employed, small business.

The field we store the response is "Subscriber Type". Over time various people complete the form and you decide you want to have a fast way to find and email these people.