Social Media Buttons

What is the Social Media Share Button Module

Consist of different kinds of social media buttons that can be easily added on the WebEd9 pages or page template using the curly bracket.

This was the social media pushed in WebEd7.

Why would you use Social Media Share Button?

To encourage the users or visitors to share the page/content on their social media accounts.

Example of Social Media Share Button, see it in action

Social media share buttons are added to the page

Social Media Buttons

How to implement add social media icons in page content

  • You need to be logged in as an administrator
  • Create or Edit any page.
Social Media Buttons
  • In the editor, click on {} icon and click Configure

Social Media Buttons
  • When selecting the curly bracket, select Social Media Share Button instead of Social Media Button
Social Media Buttons
  • The configuration for the curly bracket will show up. If you leave the URL empty, it will share the link to the current page. Toggle check buttons to hide or show the buttons that you want.
Social Media Buttons
  • Click the Insert button and click OK from the configuration popup
  • Save the page and refresh.
Social Media Buttons

Settings for Social Media Buttons

  • Go to admin > Module > Social Media buttons > Social Media Button Group
  • Click the New Social Media button group
Social Media Buttons
  • Enter the name field of the social media button group and click create
Social Media Buttons
  • Next is to create a social media button list
  • Go to admin > Module > Social Media buttons > Social Media Button Listing
  • Click Create New Social Media Button
Social Media Buttons
  • Enter the necessary fields:
  • Name- the name of the social media
  • Icon Path - The icon/image URL path for your social media icons
  • URL - the URL of your social media account
  • Icon Template - Select the default icon template for the specific social media account
  • Groups - Select a group name you've recently added
  • Record order - Set the order for the display of this button
  • Click Create
Social Media Buttons
  • See the sample listing of social media
Social Media Buttons