Vehicle Listing Sort Options

Vehicle Listing Sort Options Overview

On the front end, vehicles displayed using the VehicleListing curly bracket can be sorted by:

  • Featured - highlighted vehicles are sorted by record orders in the Admin Vehicle Setting, the administrator can control this.
  • Price (low to high or high to low) - vehicles are sorted based on the price data. The administrator can set it to use the Drive Away price or the Base price, learn more.
  • Kms (low to high or high to low) - vehicles are sorted based on the mileage (Kms) data.
  • Year Made (low to high or high to low) - vehicles are sorted based on the year-made data.
  • Last Updated - vehicles are sorted based on the latest imported data.
Vehicle Listing

Why you would use Featured as a vehicle sorting option

The default sorting option for vehicles in a vehicle listing is Sort by Price (low to high), but, having Featured vehicles as a sorting option is useful if the administrator wants to "feature" vehicles regardless of the price, mileage, year or last update. The administrator can add the Featured option in the site settings.

Vehicle Listing

Follow the steps below to add Featured as an option on your listing.

Managing the Vehicle Listing Sort Options

  • Log in as administrator then select Launch the Admin Module
  • Once you're in the Admin Dashboard, from the left pane, click Settings > Site Setting
Vehicle Listing
  • UnderSearch Curly Brackets, on the first field, enter"vehicle setting"then click theSearchbutton to the right
Vehicle Listing
  • The results will be displayed in the grid
  • The site setting that controls the displayed price is theVehicle Settings
  • Click on theEditicon on its left
  • You will be taken to the Edit page for this setting
  • Once you're in the Edit Site Setting: Vehicle Settings, scroll down to the bottom
  • Tick the checkbox for Enable Default Sort
  • And enter "RecordOrder, Price desc" or "RecordOrder, Price asc" on the Default Sort Value field
    • This means the default sort on the vehicle listing will be the record order, then the price (descending or ascending)
  • Click Save or Save and Continue Edit
Vehicle Listing
  • Go back to the vehicle listing on the front end
  • Notice that the default sort is now "Featured"
  • The visitor can always change this by clicking on another sorting option
Vehicle Listing