Monitoring Vehicle Feeds

The Vehicle Feed Monitoring Overview

This function will help us keep tracking the vehicle up to date. If we didn't receive the import file for 24 hours an email notification will be sent to support. So it will help us more actively to control the vehicle.

The Vehicle Feed Monitoring Description

This function will run along with the vehicle import process. The vehicle import process is a background task and it will run based on the user's preference. The run interval can be changed by doing the following steps:

  • Go to the admin area.
  • Navigate to Settings > System Settings > Background Tasks
  • Click the Config icon corresponding to Vehicle Import Task
  • Set the preferred run interval on the Interval (seconds) fieldVehicle Monitoring
  • Click Save

If the vehicle import file is older than 24 hours, an email notification will be sent to

The email notification will look like this

Vehicle Monitoring