Use a Body Template When Creating or Editing a Page

  • 1
    Log in as an administrator and go to the Admin Dashboard.
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  • 2
    Create or Edit the page you want to apply a body template
    Using Body Templates
  • 3
    Click Body Template button as shown
  • 4
    A new popup window will be displayed.
    Click on Select Body Template to list all body templates
  • 5
    Choose from Installed Body Templates or click Online Templates to select and download from the Global Template Library
    Using Body Templates
  • 6
    Preview the template by clicking the preview icon
  • 7
    Once you have found the correct template, click the check icon to insert into your page content
    Using Body Templates
  • 8

    If the page has existing content, you will be prompted to Overwrite Content with this template

    • Body Templates replace the existing page content
    • A message will appear to confirm your choice. Click OK to apply body template
    Using Body Templates
  • 9

    The selected body template display on the content of the page

    • You can now edit the supplied default content
    • Click Create and Close to save your page
    Using Body Templates
  • 10

    View the result/page

    Using Body Templates