Adding Page Breaks for a Multi-Step form

You can split any form into multiple pages by using the Page Break form element on the Form Builder page. It helps to fit the form into logical sections and fits better to your site without changing the overall design. Start by adding all the fields you want on the form, then insert a page break at the place you want to insert a page break.

  • 1
    Go to Admin→ Forms→ Create New Form (or you can choose to edit your existing forms)
  • 2
    The Form Builder page will appear
  • 3
    Drag and choose your preferred components
    Web Forms
  • 4
    To add a page break, go to the Form Elements tab
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  • 5
    Drag the Page Break to where you want to split your form
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  • 6
    You can select the Preview button to show how your form looks like before clicking the Finish Build Form And Start Configuration button.
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  • 7
    When a Page Break is added, Next and Previous buttons are automatically added to your form.
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