How to add a Curly Bracket to Page Content

  • Log in to Webed 9 as Administrator
  • Front-End: How to apply the Curly Bracket
    • Click the Edit page icon to start.
Curly bracket functions
    • In the new popup, click theCurly Bracket Functions icon to find a Curly Bracket
Curly Bracket Functions
    • In the new popup, click the icon to find a Curly Bracket
Curly Bracket Functions
    • List Curly Brackets: Search the Curly Bracket by category in the left column or enter a part of the name in the textbox in the top right.
Curly Bracket Functions

Each Curly Bracket has different configurable parameters which make it easy to control the content displayed.

    • Configure parameters of a Curly Bracket:
    • For example, News Listing Curly Bracket
    • (1)- News Category: select a category in the drop-down list or all categories
    • (2)- Total: Enter the number of items to display, and enter zero to show all items
    • (3)- Page size: enter a number to limit the number of items displayed per page and zero to show all
    • (4)- Type: select a news type to display (There are two types: General and Hot)
    • (5)- Status: select a status (Active, Inactive, Archive)
    • (6)- Template Name: select a template to display news items.
    • (7)- Select Curly Bracket: choose another Curly Bracket
    • Preview: A simple view to review news and template before completing configuration.
curly bracket Functions
  • Click the Insert button to complete configure step.

curly bracket functions

  • Click OK in a small popup to complete.
  • The Curly Bracket will display a preview of the content of a page.
curly bracket functions
  • Click Update and Close to view the result.