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    In the left navigation, select Modules then Video and Photo Filmstrips then Video and Photo Filmstrip Listing
    Video and photo Strip
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    To create a new Video and/or Photo Filmstrip: on listing page click the button.
    Video and photo Strip
    Video and photo Strip
    • Thumbnail Image: The image will display as the video's avatar, generally the video image - As a general rule we recommend your video image be 416 x 252 pixels at 72dpi
    • Video Link: The link of the video will play when the user clicks on the thumbnail image. Please use the embed link.
      To do this - play the video on Youtube. Whilst it is playing right click on the video and save/copy the embed code
      Video and photo Strip
      The link will look something like this "
      NOW remove the iFrame details until your link looks only like this
      Use this as your video link
    • Hover Title: Title of video
    • Category: The name of category or 'home' of your video. E.g. Homepage Videos
    • Record Order: Order your video will appear in the video listing
      NOTE:The default site setting is for videos to appear in ascending ID order. I.e. ID No. 1 appears first and so on.
      If you have a lot of videos and are updating them all the time, you may wish to reverse this setting and have the highest ID number appear first, both on the admin page and on the video film strip. See the bottom of this page for how to change the site setting.
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    You can place your videos in categories and to start you will need to create a category to give your videos a 'home'.
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    If you are creating a video strip for the homepage, you may wish to name the category 'Homepage videos' or something similar.