Form Builder Add Custom Controls

Form Builder Overview

  • Form Builder provides the ability for users to quickly create forms on the fly and embed them into any website.
  • The form builder contains multiple predefined types of a component such as input, button, image, drop-down... and so on.

In this guide, we will demonstrate adding a custom control.

The Architecture

The form components are controlled by the Config.xml in {Solution Folder}\Web\Control\Config.XML

The XML format allows you to define

  • Title - the name of the control
  • Type - allowed types are:

Models Dropdown

  • 1
    You can find the LIC file in WebEd.Web\Copy2Bin
  • 2
    Locate the section "Components" we will find all components
  • 3
    The format is:
    • Title - what do you want the control called in the UI
    • Name - how we can call it in code or ID
    • Type - Valid types are:
      • button
      • checkbox
      • checkgroup
      • heading
      • hidden
      • img
      • normaltext
      • radiobutton
      • radiogroup
      • select
      • textarea
      • textbox
    • SQL - the SQL statement to build the control values (only relevant for radio and listbox)
    • Template - the template to use for the UI, use an existing one and check the result.
      • Generally, Listbox and Radio will use this
    • Validate - is this a required value by default
    Custom Controls
    Custom Controls