About WebEd CMS

WebEd is the 9th generation, full-featured content management system (CMS) produced by Interactive Partners, designed with both users and designers in mind.

It is enhanced with a clear and clean user interface, making it easy to use, scalable and enabling anyone to create content. WebEd is user-friendly, built on industry standards and covers all aspects of a website, extra/intranet and secure portal management.

Prebuilt with over 38 modules covering everything from Contact Management (CRM) to email broadcasts and even events and locations, it is a complete platform to help grow your business. The key features of Interactive Partners’ WebEd CMS include:

  • Easy-to-use: WebEd uses a simple front-end user interface allowing novice users, even those with limited expertise, to easily create, upload, edit and manage website content
  • All-in-one smart CMS: Database, secure portal, syndicated content, synchronised data – all on a robust platform you can easily create, maintain and manage
  • SEO: Integrated with data-driven platforms including Google Analytics and SEO rules built directly into the content management solution
  • E-commerce-ready: Integrated e-commerce and business add-ons designed to support all digital requirements as a business grows
  • CRM: Integrated web forms and email broadcasts to support targeted sales and marketing business requirements
  • Secure: Include WebServerProtect to protect your site from cyberattacks. In addition, unique site visitors get content loaded faster via the service content delivery network while hackers, bots and spammers are blocked
  • Unlimited Support: Access 24/7 Technical Support is always guaranteed to keep 100% uptime of the website
About Webed CMS

How We Work

Install WebEd CMS

  • Download the WebEd CMS packet and install it on your local.

Migrate or create your website

  • Migrate or create your website to our CMS - WebEd.


  • For your convenience, we will train you how to use the WebEd CMS.

Support is provided

  • Technical and non-technical How-To guidelines are provided for.