Best Image Resolution, Size, and DPI

  • The problem with images is that they are most often the cause of slow-loading pages - because they are not always being optimised for the best screen resolution. Larger-sized images slow down the load time of your page and worse still frustrate users.
  • Scanned images, or stills from a camera, are by default saved at the print resolution which is double or triple the size of screen resolution, which means they need to be resized before they are uploaded to the WebEd Editor and thus to your web pages.
  • Here are some tips for preparing images to be web-ready. Any basic image editing software will allow you to edit image size.
  • Image size is made up of two components:
    • the first being resolution or DPI (dots per inch),
    • the second being the dimensions height by width.
  • Images should be saved to the exact size you want them to be viewed on the web.