Creating a new Link Tracker

  • Login
  • Go to Admin Dashboard

  • Modules

  • Link Trackers

Link Tracker
  • Select Create New Link Tracker

Link Tracker
  • Enter the settings for the link Tracker

    • You may choose external links:
Link Tracker
    • You may also choose internal links:
Link Tracker
  • Details needed for the fields:
    Name Description
    Name Name of the link
    Type Select Internal if you want to link to 1 of the pages on your site, if the link is required outside, select External
    Redirect Url If you selected External, input the full URL to redirect to here.
    Page If you select Internal, choose a page to redirect to by the page title
    Allow Multiple Clicks
    • By default, whenever we detect a visitor clicking the same link multiple times, the system only counts a single 1 click to the link. This is to prevent spamming that leads to fake click numbers.
    • If you don't want this behaviour, you can check this checkbox = 'No'. The system will now count every single click even if from the same visitor
  • Click Create
Link Tracker