How to add a Form to a Page in WebEd

  • 1
    Edit the desired page
  • 2
    Select the Curly Bracket icon at the top right of the editor
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  • 3
    Click Configure button in the popup
    Web Forms
  • 4
    In the new popup, type the Form keyword into the textbox search. Then click on an item in the resulting search.
  • 5
    Select the option on the left side, and review the UI on the right side.
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  • 6
    Selected form in the dropdown list and it should be displayed in the preview.
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  • 7
    Then click the Insert button It will be adding the Curly Bracket to the Configuration Curly Bracket popup then click the OK button to complete.
    Web Forms
  • 8
    Then click the Save And Close button and see the form displayed on the page.
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