Inserting Menu Module via Curly Brackets

  • Go to the WebEd site and log in as Administrator
  • Go to Pages and open the page content editor where you want to add this curly bracket.
  • In the editor, click the Curly Bracket icon to open the configuration curly brackets
  • Once clicked, the Curly Bracket box pops up and there you can see the list of Curly Bracket modules

    list of Curly Bracket modules
  • In the Search box, you can put the specific name of the Curly Bracket that you want to create. Search for Menu and click on the Menus item in the search results box.
Menu curly bracket
  • The Configure "Menus" will display. Set up configuration options on the left side and review the UI (User Interface) on the right side.
    • ParentID - The parent id to load as root, if not defined or if empty then root will be all page titles and links will display
    • ShowParentMenu - this is where to check if we show the parent as the first node of a menu or not
    • TemplateName - this will use as the template of menus, this is an optional parameter, if not defined then get the default template
    • Preview - this is where to display the preview of your selected module.
    • Insert - click this button to insert in your page content editor.
Configure Menu
  • Click Update And Close. Then you can see the Menu on the page.
Update And Close