Grace Periods

If you are working to a Specific End Date you may have instances where a member joins in the last few weeks of your membership year. Eg: Your memberships expire on the 31st of December and a person joins on the 10th of December. In this case, the membership will expire shortly after the member joins and they will be prompted to renew.

One way to avoid this is to offer a membership “grace period” where members who join just prior to your fixed membership expiry date, will receive the balance of the membership period and the next full period. Eg: If your memberships expire on the 31st of December and a member joins within 30 days of membership expiry, they will get a membership for the current year (up to December 31) and a full year of membership for the next year. This gives the equivalent of 13 months of membership as they joined close to the end of the membership period.

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