Internal Links

What is an Internal Hyperlink

Hyperlinks are links attached to text that when activated will take you to another page within your website. This makes it easy to move around your website. With that said, an Internal Hyperlink is a hyperlink, URL, or resource that lives within the same website where you're going to use it.

Why use an Internal Hyperlink?

You may want to refer to information in another section of your site. For Example, You have a page with a list of all your products. Create a Hyperlink on each product name to another page that has a detailed product specification for the product.

How to Insert an Internal Hyperlink

  • 1
    Highlight the text or select the image and click on the Internal Link icon.
  • 2
    A pop-up window 'Link Dialog' will be displayed.
  • 3
    This pop-up window contains a site map of your website.
  • 4
    Select the appropriate page to be linked from this site map and the address of the page you have selected will be displayed in the URL field.
  • 5
    Click OK to confirm the link. You will be returned to the page on which you have inserted the link. The text to activate the link will appear highlighted and underlined.