Why Use Tables

  • Aside from the obvious use of tables to present information to a website's visitor in a tabular form, tables are extremely useful in website design. If you were to simply place text and graphics on your web page it may look good in your web browser. But, because visitors use a variety of browser window sizes the content will flow to fill their window. This may destroy your carefully laid out web page.
  • Tables on Web sites are used to present information in a particular way and are by far the most popular way of organizing a web page.
  • A table consists of Rows and Columns. When a row and a column intersect or meet, the intersection point is called a cell.
  • Below is an example of a table and its elements - Rows, Columns and Cells and how to reference them:
      Column 0 Column 1 Column 2 Column. Column n
    Row 0 Cell (0,0) Cell (0,1)      
    Row 1 Cell (1,0) Cell (1,1)      
    Row 2 Cell (2,0) Cell (2,1)      
    Row 3     A Cell    
    Row n Cell (n,0)       Cell (n,n)