Show Contact Details in Emails

Contact Detail Form Overview

This page is about how to show a contact detail link at the bottom of an email if the "Email this form on submit" is checked in the Form Builder. This makes it easier for the website administrator to see who is the contact that answered the form. The email will be sent to the recipient entered in the "To Email" field in the Form Builder.

Email with a Contact Link

Below is an example of an email with a contact link below.

Contact Details

Managing the Contact Detail in the Form Builder

  • 1
    Log in as an administrator and go to the Admin Dashboard.
    Learn how to log in here →
  • 2
    Click on Modules >> Forms or you can type "Forms" in the search bar and click the Forms menu item.
  • 3
    A list of forms will be shown. Click "Create New Form" or "Edit" an existing form.
  • 4
    Check the "Email this form on submit" checkbox we can see the contact link added at the bottom of the email. This email will send to the "To Email" value. See below:
    contact details