Editing the Page via the Edit floating icon

Editing page
  • 1
    Log in as an administrator
    Learn how to log in here →
  • 2
    Once logged in, browse to any page on your site you have right to edit
  • 3
    Look for the edit icon on the right side of the page
  • 4

    Mouse over the edit icons to display the options

    • Create a new page
      • The new page will be a child of the current page
      • To understand more about parent and child page relationships see Site Maps
    • Edit this page
      • Opens the editor for the current page
    • Admin Dashboard
      • Displays the system dashboard for the site
    • Display the site map for this site
      • The site map allows you to see all pages for the site on one page
      • This can sometimes be an easier way to move around and edit multiple pages
    • Logout
    editing page
  • 5

    Click edit to edit the current page and the editor window will open then proceed to edit the necessary details and Save or Save and Continue Edit to apply changes.