Removing an Image from a Rotating Images Group

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  • 1
    Log in as an administrator and go to the Admin Dashboard.
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  • 2
    From the left sidebar, go to Modules > Rotating Images
    Rotating Images
  • 3
    Once you select 'Rotating Images', it should go to the 'Rotating Image Group Management' page. On here you can select the rotating image group you are trying to update.
    Rotating Images
  • 4
    Click on the 'Show Group Images'icon beside the group
    Rotating Images
  • 5
    On the 'Rotating Image Group Management' page of the group you selected, you should see the images being used on that particular group
    Rotating Images
  • 6
    Hover over the image you want to remove
  • 7
    Click on the 'Delete image' icon to remove it
    Rotating Images
  • 8
    A pop up message will show to confirm if you want to continue removing the image
  • 9
    Click OK
    Rotating Images
  • 10
    A message pops up to let you know that the image has been removed successfully.
    Rotating Images
  • 11
    Reload/refresh the page where the rotating images are displayed.