Edit Company Details via Company Setup

What is the Company Set Up setting?

  • This allows dealers to update and make changes on the company details of their website.

Why you would use the Company Set Up setting?

  • 1

    On the vehicle details, we can update the dealer contact information section (website, address, phone, email etc....) via the Company Setup page inside the admin panel.

  • 2

    Log in and go to the Admin dashboard

  • 3

    Click SettingsSite Settings

  • 4

    In the Site Setting Management page, under Search Curly Brackets, enter "company" and click Search

    Company Setup
  • 5

    Click the Edit icon to the left of Company Setup

    Company Setup
  • 6

    Make the necessary changes

    Company Setup
  • 7

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save button

  • 8

    A notification on top will show that you've successfully updated the site setting

    Company Setup