Page Meta Data

Meta Title

Meta titles should be 50-60 characters long.

  • Make sure the keyword is on the title
  • Make sure that the company name is on the website
  • Do not caps lock everything since Google will most likely not use it if you do

Meta Descriptions:

Meta descriptions should not exceed 160 characters

  • Make sure that the keyword is used once in the description
  • Use a call to action in the description, for example, "Read our definitive guide on how you can improve leads using our unique set of tools"

Meta Keywords

  • Add only 1 to 3 keywords on the page
  • Each Keyword will require 3-5 human-readable sentences
  • More than 3 keywords mean you will need 15+ sentences on the page
    • This will trigger the count for keyword weight and make the page perform worse

SEO Scoring

  • This module can help your website increase its SEO ranking.
  • The tool will score the page for you while editing
  • This gives a good guide to help you improve the SEO friendliness of your content