Syndicated Content

What is Syndicated Content?

A is a type of curly bracket used to display the same page content to all the websites under a central site.

Why you would use a syndicated content?

  • It's easy to manage pages in one place and display them on many sites
  • Edit page content once in the central site instead of editing each site

See Syndicated Content in action

See demo here.

Setting Up a Central Site

What is a Central Site

A Central Site is a website where you can place a piece of content and have it displayed on several sites. This is the first thing you need to set up before you can use the Syndicated Content curly bracket.

In an automotive industry, usually, the same information for one model car is used for all its dealerships. By using a Syndicated Content curly bracket, you can get page contents from a central site and display them to multiple dealership sites without having to recreate the content on each site—just put it on a central site, and all pages using that syndicated content gets updated. We talk more about the Syndicated Content here.

Setting up a Central Site for your WebEd sites

  • 1
    Get the URL of the Central Site and Database Name. Make sure you have this information ready.
  • 2
    Go to WebEd Dashboard → SettingsSite Settings
    Syndicated Content
  • 3
    Enter "central" as the keyword to find Central Site Settings and Central Database Setting
    Syndicated Content
  • 4
    Go to Central Site Settings and enter the Central Site URL → Save
    Syndicated Content
  • 5
    Go to Central Database Setting and enter the Database Name → Save
    Syndicated Content
  • 6
    You can now use the module in your page contents.

How to Add Syndicated Content?

Set up the content on the central site

  • Log in as an administrator on the central site
  • Once you're in the dashboard, in the left navigation, click Pages > Pages
  • On the Page Management, all the pages will be displayed in the grid as shown below
Syndicated Content
  • Look for the page you want to display and take note of the Page ID
    • If it is a new page, create a new page first using this guide, take note of the Page ID, you will need this in the next steps
  • Once you have your page ready, log out from the central site

Display the syndicated content on your websites

  • Log in as an administrator on your other website (where you need to display the content)
  • Edit the page where you want to display your syndicated content
  • Click on the curly bracket icon Syndicated Content on the page editor toolbar
  • Search for Syndicated Content curly bracket
Syndicated Content
  • On the configuration window, enter the Page ID of your syndicated page (you can check this on the central site)
Syndicated Content
  • Wait for the preview to load
  • Once you're certain that this is the page, click on the Insert button at the bottom of the window
  • On your Page editor, you will notice that the curly bracket(s) have been added
Syndicated Content
  • Save the page as usual
  • Let the page reload and check the update
Syndicated Content

Setup Syndicated content template (Developers view)

  • Select navigation items: Settings > System Settings > Module Management > Curly Bracket Templates
Syndicated Content
  • Search field Name in grid header with keyword is Syndicated Content
Syndicated Content
  • Click the edit icon, go to the edit page
  • Select the Script tab to see the code
Syndicated Content
  • Select the Full Content tab to see the full code used in syndicated content curly bracket
Syndicated Content

How to Edit Syndicated Content?

  • Log in to manage your website, see the login section for details.
  • Manage your website or Launch the Admin Module then search and edit the page you wish to edit
  • Open the content editor and click the Syndicated Content
  • Click DELETE on your keyboard
Syndicated Content
  • Put the updated text on the content editor.
  • Save or Save and Continue Edit
Syndicated Content

You have successfully changed syndicated content to page content!

How to Remove Syndicated Content?

  • The content of following syndicated content is not valid on the site
  • The content will be changed to a page content using this guide.
  • Log in to manage your website, see the login section for details.
  • Manage your website or Launch the Admin Module then search and edit the page you wish to edit
  • Open the content editor then select the syndicated content you wish to remove
Syndicated Content
  • Then click DELETE on your keyboard
Syndicated Content

Congratulations you have now removed syndicated content on a page!