How to create a User

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  • 1
    Log in as an administrator and go to the Admin Dashboard.
    Learn how to log in here →
  • 2
    Under 'User Management', choose 'Users'
  • 3
    Then click the 'Create New User' button
    User Group
  • 4
    Fill in the details of a new user:
    • Username: New user name for login purposes. Must be unique.
    • Email: New user's email address, for login purposes. Must be a valid email address.
    • Full Name: First and Last name of the new user
    • Status: Set User is active or inactive
    • System Administrator: Tick the box ONLY if you want the new user to be an Administrator of your website
    • User Groups: The group you wish for this new user to belong to by ticking the box of an existing user group already created.
      Learn how to create User Groups here→
    • Password: Password of the new user
    • Confirm Password: Retype the password you just gave for the new user
    • Change Password After Login: This will enable the new user to change their password upon logging in for the first time
    User Group
  • 5
    Click the 'Create' button below to create the account
    User Group