Events and Schedules linked to a Ticket Pool

  • 1
    Log in as an administrator and go to the Admin Dashboard.
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  • 2
    Go to Admin > Modules > Events
  • 3
    Select 'Ticket Pool'
    Ticket Pool
  • 4
    From the Ticket Pool listing, search for the ticket pool you want to edit
  • 5
    Click the Events and Schedules "View Details" icon to see the ticket pool's details
    Events and Schedules
  • 6
    Navigate to "Events" or "Event Schedules"
  • 7
    Under "Record Information", select the tab you want to check
    • Events - select the "Events" tab to see the events using the ticket pool
    • Event Schedules - select the "Event Schedules" tab to see the event schedules are associated with the ticket pool
    • The events and event schedules will be displayed in a listing as shown below:
    Events and Schedules