Important Tips to Remember in Creating an Event Form

There are 3 tabs in Form creation:

  1. Marketing Details (Contact Data)

    These are your most important details - First Name / Last Name / Email / Address etc.

    The ID/Name of these fields cannot be changed ... and you ought only to use them once in a form. Names are an exception to the rule because you have different options for Attendee types (Driver / Passenger etc.) and this allows the field to be used more than once.

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    The general rule is - If you cannot edit the ID/Name, please only use it once (unless it is a name)

    Always use an Attendee type to differentiate your contact's details

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    When it comes to fields like 'State' - You are able to change the LABEL (not the ID/Name field and also adjust the States you need to use. This needs to be flexible to allow you to use multiple options.

  2. Communication (Contact communication Data)

    These fields enable you to track contacts who fill out the forms. Whilst this is automatically covered for an event on your own website - if you wanted to place the form on someone else's website and be able to track where contacts came from - you might add a 'Referred by' field. In this way, you can separate different areas (when & If required).

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  3. Form Element

    You will need to use these whenever you want to include additional fields. They can be used over and over again. These fields can be renamed & the ID/Name field changed. This ensures recovering the additional data is easy. There are drop-downs and other options which provide flexibility within your form

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NB! Always use Form Elements for additional data and Marketing Details for essential