The Technical Stuff

Warning! Danger! Geek speak ahead!

  • Working with WebEd 9, all the templates/ scripts/ styles can be stored into the database making maintenance easy.
  • There are 2 templates types
    • Page Template for any page layouts
    • File Template
  • WebEd 9 template support Razor Syntax and C#
  • Page Template can be either a Master Template (no parent) or a child template
    • All the content will be placed in {RenderBody} curly bracket
      • If the page template has a parent template, then all of its content (except the (*) section) will be placed in the {RenderBody} of the parent template
  • There are some extended helpers you can use when editing page template
  • You can add dynamic script and style (from Scripts and Styles modules) in the template, more information here: How to manage and use dynamic Script / Style in the CMS?
  • Currently, there are 2 default templates for the system is:
    • DefaultMasterTemplateWithRenderContentOnly: this is used for setup some initialize script and HTML for a page like:
      • Edit / Create/ Login / Logout / Site map buttons
      • Some script is the default script that the CMS need to use like some information about user logged-in, user groups, email and id
      • This template will always render as the final template in the system
    • Master: This is used to set up the master HTML of the application where you can define sections and body for the page