How to config SEO scoring

Some admins may wish to adjust the way SEO scoring is handled on the site. WebEd allows administrators to set their scoring parameters to suit their specific requirements.

  • 1
    Please follow the steps in this document to edit a page:
    Learn how to edit a page here →
  • 2

    Go to Admin Dashboard → Settings → Site Settings

  • 3

    Search "SEO" keyword

  • 4

    Click the edit icon on the SEO Scoring Setting

    SEO Scoring
  • 5

    Drag and drop: Title Range, Description Range, Keyword Count Range, Keyword Count Range if you want to update the

    best range for SEO.
    Note that for Meta Titles, a character count of 50 to 60 characters is best practice while 50 to 160 characters are for the meta page description. Accepted Keyword Density for SEO Best Practice is 1% to 2%.
    SEO Scoring
  • 6

    Click Save or Save and Continue Edit

  • 7

    Click Save: back to the site setting listing and show message update successfully

    SEO Scoring
  • 8

    Click Save and Continue Edit. It will keep you editing the page while the saved notification will show after a successful update

    SEO Scoring