Insert or Delete Columns

A new column can be inserted into an existing table while in edit the mode of the page.

  • 1
    In the Advanced tab, you can enter the element ID, css style codes, and style sheet class for this table
    Creating a table
  • 2
    More features: you can right-click on the table after created in the page content You can get more features for this table In the Cell right-menu
    • (1): Inserts a cell before the current cell
    • (2): Inserts a cell after the current cell
    • (3): Deletes the highlighted cells
    • (6): Merges a cell below with the current cell
    • (7): Splits current cell become two-cell horizontal
    • (8): Splits current cell become two-cell vertical
    • (9): Opens the Cell Properties popup
    Creating a table
  • 3
    In the Cell Properties:
    • (1): Sets the width for the current cell
    • (2): Sets the height for the current cell
    • (3): Sets cell type as header or data
    • (7): Sets horizontal alignment
    • (8): Sets vertical alignment
    • Example: right-bottom
    Creating a table
  • 4
    • (9): Sets the background color for the current cell
    • (10): Sets border colour for current cell
    In the Row right-menu
    Creating a table
  • 5
    • (1): Inserts a row above the current row
    • (2): Inserts a row below the current row
    • (3): Deletes the highlighted rows
    In the Column right-menu
    Creating a table
  • 6
    • (1): Inserts a column before the current column
    • (2): Inserts a column after the current column
    • (3):Deletes the highlighted columns
    Click OK- repeat steps 2,3 & 4 for inserting more tables
    Creating a table