How to Manage Links in Admin Dashboard

How to manage a list of websites or links and insert them as page content on your site. Links can be grouped by link type and only specific types of links displayed on a page

  • Go to the WebEd 9 site and log in as Administrator
  • Go to Admin Dashboard >> Modules >> Links >> Link Listing and select your suitable action in the 1st column or select Create New Link button
  • You fill in all information on the text, choose Date Start and Date End Then click Create button. The link you just created showed on the grid.
Links Listing
  • Click Create button. It will be saved on a grid and on the grid you can edit and delete links.
    Links Listing
  • Click the Edit icon to update the link.
Links Listing
  • Fill Record Order. Link listing was sorted by Record Order (ascending) and then by Start Date (descending).