How to Make a Link look like a Coloured Button

Go to the Page Editor where you want to add your coloured Button in

  • 1

    Type in the text for your coloured Button

    Coloured Button
  • 2

    Highlight the text and click on the Link button (located on the 2nd row near the Flag icon button)

    Coloured Button
  • 3

    Enter the URL for the link

    Coloured Button
  • 4

    Click on the Advanced Tab at the top right

  • 5

    Enter the ID on the field under ID

    • For example, event-cta
  • 6

    Enter the class under Stylesheet Classes

    • For example, red(see table below for other colour references)
  • 7

    After entering the ID and/or classes, click OK

    Coloured Button
  • 8

    Scroll down and click on Save and Close on the page editor as you would normally save a page update

    Coloured Button
  • 9

    Refresh the page - now you can see the new coloured button applied to your link.

  • 10

    See output video here

    Coloured Button


  • If you do not follow this guide but the button is styled. Please follow the step below.
  • Please update the Page Template of the page to include "/Content/Shared/Template.min.css" if you are not sure, please look at this guide How to use and manage page templates in WebEd 9