What are Secure Pages

Secure Pages are a WebEd tool that restricts access to pages or sections of your website to select users. Secure pages and authorised viewers are managed in the Admin Module through Users & User Groups.
The user must be logged in to a user group that is configured to view this page or part of the website, otherwise the page content will not be displayed to the user. The following message is displayed to unauthorised visitors to a page.

Secure Pages

Page Security allows you to set permission to a group of users that are currently using your site. This is how you can display specified content to specified users, for example securing a section of pages for dealers' information on pricing not to be seen by the general public. Securing a particular page by giving authorisation to a certain group will only allow a logged-in member of that group permission to view the secured page, this security applies to all pages that are a child of this page, making it easy to secure whole sections of your website.