How to Add Syndicated Content

Set up the content on the central site

  • Log in as an administrator on the central site
  • Once you're in the dashboard, in the left navigation, click Pages > Pages
  • On the Page Management, all the pages will be displayed in the grid as shown below
Syndicated Content
  • Look for the page you want to display and take note of the Page ID
    • If it is a new page, create a new page first using this guide, take note of the Page ID, you will need this in the next steps
  • Once you have your page ready, log out from the central site

Display the syndicated content on your websites

  • Log in as an administrator on your other website (where you need to display the content)
  • Edit the page where you want to display your syndicated content
  • Click on the curly bracket icon Syndicated Content on the page editor toolbar
  • Search for Syndicated Content curly bracket
Syndicated Content
  • On the configuration window, enter the Page ID of your syndicated page (you can check this on the central site)
Syndicated Content
  • Wait for the preview to load
  • Once you're certain that this is the page, click on the Insert button at the bottom of the window
  • On your Page editor, you will notice that the curly bracket(s) have been added
Syndicated Content
  • Save the page as usual
  • Let the page reload and check the update
Syndicated Content

Setup Syndicated content template (Developers view)

  • Select navigation items: Settings > System Settings > Module Management > Curly Bracket Templates
Syndicated Content
  • Search field Name in grid header with keyword is Syndicated Content
Syndicated Content
  • Click the edit icon, go to the edit page
  • Select the Script tab to see the code
Syndicated Content
  • Select the Full Content tab to see the full code used in syndicated content curly bracket
Syndicated Content