Linking Users with Logins to Secure Portals to a Company

After creating the Company you may want to give them access to a secure portal, this is optional

  • 1
    Create the new User
  • 2
    We recommend using User Groups and limiting the permissions of the User.
    Companies and Contacts
  • 3
    On the left navigator, click on User Management > Users
  • 4
    Click Create New User button and input user information
    Companies and Contacts
  • 5
    Enter the user information under the Basic Info tab
    Companies and Contacts
  • 6
    Click the User Groups field and select the Group for this user in the options. The group controls the access for the user. Examples may be:
    • Sales
    • Service
    • Suppliers
    Companies and Contacts
  • 7
    Scroll down to the bottom then, click the Create button.
    Companies and Contacts
  • 8
    You should be able to see the newly created user in the User Management.
    Companies and Contacts