Viewing the Vehicle Dashboard

What is a vehicle dashboard?

  • When the user wants to view the enquiry vehicle and vehicle tracking data

Why you would use a vehicle dashboard?

  • The vehicle dashboard provides an overview about:
    • Vehicle leads
    • List view and details view of a vehicle
    • Phone click, domain click, email click of the dealer on the vehicle details page

Vehicle Dashboard Logic

On the curly bracket

  • This is the same for both vehicle listings: The Vehicle listing on the dealer site and the CentralizedVehicle Listing of Porsche approved site
  • Get the vehicle based on a parameter and query search
  • Make a view model for saving tracking
  • vehicle logic
  • The vehicles will be updated or inserted into the VehicleViewDealers table with a number listview increase
  • Also sent data for tracking to the central site

On the vehicle details page

  • When we go to the detail page, it will be called to the "DealerTracking" function with the stock number of this vehicle
  • Make a model data for saving to table tracking based on the action on the dealer pagevehicle logic
  • The details tracking will save on the "VehicleViewDealers" table
  • This data also sent to the central site

Vehicle Dashboard

This is simple for dashboard

vehicle logic

This is the result to show the vehicle tracking also

The Leads

  • This is the data when we execute the stored procedure "[usp_VehicleDashboardLeadSummary]"
  • This is the data of the enquiry form submit
  • This is getting data from the Contact table and ContactVehicles table

The List view

  • This is the data showing for the vehicle listing was show
  • This data gets when we call the stored procedure "usp_VehicleDashboardStockSummary"
  • It sums up all the detailed views we have on the listing page

The WWW Clicks

  • This is the result when clicking the link redirects to the website on the details page
  • This result is the WwwClicks of the stored procedure "usp_VehicleDashboardStockSummary"

The Email Clicks

  • This is the result when clicking the email of the dealer on the details page
  • This result is the EmailClicksof the stored procedure "usp_VehicleDashboardStockSummary"

See Vehicle Dashboard in Action

Please reference this link or you can check on your dealer website by typing in http://(DEALER_NAME)

Navigating the Vehicle Dashboard

  • Go to Vehicle DashboardVehicle Dashboard
  • Click on the filter button. Vehicle Dashboard
  • Select the date range you want to get data Vehicle Dashboard
  • Click on the Export button if you want to export to an excel file Vehicle Dashboard
  • The excel file will be downloaded Vehicle Dashboard

Finding Your Vehicle Leads

Why you might need this despite leads being sent directly to your allocated email?

It is possible to create a report which shows you how many people have responded to the vehicle request and Test Drive forms on your vehicle listings pages.

  • Perhaps the person who usually handles leads is away
  • To get a quick overview or a longer report on who or
  • Download the report on how many have responded to the forms

How to Find your Vehicle Leads

  • Log in and go to the Admin dashboard
  • Search for ‘Email Queues’How to Find your Vehicle Leads
  • In the ‘Subject’ field, write ‘Request’ and hit enter.How to Find your Vehicle Leads All your requests will be shown
  • If you want to print the data
    Below the title - look for and select the green rectangle EXPORT
  • Once selected save your information to excel, where you can easily look at it and separate the data if required