Configurating an Email Template

  • Edit email template
    • In the left menu, select Settings > Email Templates
    • List email templates will list in the grid
  • Vehicle Request
  • Find Request More Info Email Template
  • Vehicle Request
  • Click the Vehicle Requesticon to edit the email template
    • Name: Name of email template
    • Subject: The subject of the email will send to list emails in Request More Info Email Address in site settings.
    • From: Send From Email address
    • From Name: The name to be displayed in the From field in the email
    • CC, BCC: The list of the email address/es that also needs to receive the Request More Info email and separate them by comma or semicolon
    • Body: Content of email template. Admin can be added more fields by clicking on Add Property button
  • Create a new email template
    Click Add New Email Template button to create
    Choose Email Template Type is AutoResponse in the select box
  • Vehicle Request
  • Enter other information then press Create or Create And Continue Edit button to save.
    A new email template will display in the grid

  • Vehicle Request
  • Now, go back to Site Settings and then edit the Vehicle Request More Info setting.
    In the Email Template dropdown will display the new email template just created from the previous step

Vehicle Request

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