Vehicle Type Management

What is a Vehicle Type

Manage vehicles by types for display on specific pages or listings.

  • A vehicle can belong to multiple types.
  • Normally the types are present and do not need to be changed.
  • Generally, you will only use this feature if you are manually maintaining your vehicles

Why you would use a Vehicle Type

Manage vehicles by type should be easier to:

  • The filter in the admin module,
  • The filter in end-user UI
  • Show vehicles with types admin want in the UI.

Vehicle Type Management in Action

Here's an actual sample

Creating a Vehicle Type

  • In the left menu, select: Vehicles > Vehicle Types
    Vehicle Type Management
  • Click on Create New Vehicle Type button

    Vehicle Type Management
  • Enter the value
    • Name: The name of the vehicle type
    • Description: Explain or detail of vehicle type
    • Disclaimer Note:
    • Show Vehicle Belong To
    • Primary Key: This is key for checking on the vehicle import file
  • Press the "Save" button to save the new vehicle type.
  • The type just created will display on the grid in-vehicle type listing page.

Edit Vehicle Type

  • On the listing page, click the edit iconVehicle Type Management .Vehicle Type Management
  • On the edit page, modify fields then press Save or Save And Continue Edit button to save.
    Vehicle Type Management

Vehicle Type Details

  • In the listing page, click on theVehicle Type Management icon to view details:
    Vehicle Type Management
  • The details of vehicle type will be shown
  • You can see the listing vehicle has this type

Delete Vehicle Type

  • On the listing page, click on theVehicle Type Managementicon or go to the details page and press the Delete button.
  • A new small popup will be displayed. Click the OK button to delete or Cancel to ignore.
    Vehicle Type Management
  • A new popup display to inform the vehicle type has just been deleted, click the OK button to go to the listing page.
    Vehicle Type Management
  • Vehicle types were updated:
    Vehicle Type Management

How to add a new vehicle type to the import file

  • On the import file, The first row will be the property field of one vehicle.Vehicle Type Management
  • The field "NUD" contains the keyword of vehicle type.Vehicle Type Management
  • The NUD should be contained on the Primary Key field of the vehicle type.Vehicle Type Management
  • This is the document for the import vehicle process How To Vehicle Importing.

Refer to this video link