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Interactive Partners Support

In Interactive Partners, we want to be able to serve you the best way we can by providing you with an outstanding level of support.

When reporting issues, we will be asking you to provide the full steps to replicate the issue/error when you contact our Support team. We hope this document helps us serve you better so you can make the most efficient use of our services.

How to Get Support

LiveChat - Instant Option

Email - Recommended Option

  • Send an email to
  • Describe the issue and enter the steps to replicate
  • This will create a ticket in our support system and the team will respond, usually within the hour

Phone - Call Back Option

  • Call our offices on +61 2 9411 3111
  • Select option 2 for support
  • If team members are available the call is routed to the team
  • If no team members are available, a ticket will be created which includes your voicemail
  • The team will respond with a callback once they complete the current calls

How to Report the Steps to Replicate

We want a step-by-step guide on how we can replicate the issue you are reporting.

  • URL you are using
  • Steps we need to follow to see the issue, if we can’t replicate it, we cannot find provide timely and efficient support
    • Open URL
    • Click blah
    • Enter XYZ
    • Click button AAA
  • The exact steps you would you to demonstrate the issue to someone looking over your shoulder.
  • Including the browser you are using will often help as some issues are related to specific operating systems or browsers
Wrong Correct
“I can’t log in to our website.” “I tried logging in to our website www.{YourDomain} using Chrome on my laptop but cannot log in."
  • I loaded the home page
  • I clicked the log-in icon on the footer
  • It displays the error message (screenshot).
“I cannot create a new page on my site.”
  • “I logged in to www.{YourDomain} using the footer log in icon.
  • Then I clicked on the + (plus) icon on the floating admin menu to make a new page
  • Here is the screenshot attached (image)
  • I am using Safari version 13 on my MacBook.”
“The payment feature is not working and shows an error.”
  • “I tried booking the event “WebEd Training Day 1” on the events page www.{YourDomain}
  • I booked for 2 on the December 12, 2020, 9AM schedule
  • After filling up the form, I expect to be taken to the payment page but the payment page shows this error (image attached).”