How to Book an Event

  • 1
    Go to Events Events Page
  • 2
    Choose the event that you want to attend
    Book on an event
  • 3
    Scroll down to see if there's an available event schedule, if there is no list then there is no event schedule available for the chosen event
  • 4
    Click the "Book Now" button on your chosen event schedule
    Book on an event
  • 5
    Fill out all required fields and other information
  • 6
    Click the "Submit" button if finished
  • 7
    If "No. of tickets to buy" were left blank then it will assume that the user will just buy 1 ticket
    Book on an event
    Book on an event
  • 8
    Fill out your Credit Card Information if you have chosen "Pay online by credit card" on "Payment Type"
  • 9
    Click "Pay Now"
    Book on an event
  • 10
    See Booking Confirmation
    Book on an event
  • 11
    See Payment Receipt Email
  • 12
    See Booking Confirmation Email
  • 13
    See Tax Invoice Email
    Book on an event
    Book on an event
    Book on an event
  • 14
    Congratulations! You've completed booking an event.