Read More Button

Read More Button Overview

This page will be for those who wish to include a "Read More" button on the website

Sometimes it is useful to to create a simple button, which changes colour on rollover (when someone mouses over the image) linking to further information or another page/website with more details

read more content

How to Insert a Read More button

  • 1
    Log in to your website
  • 2
    Go to the page you wish to use
  • 3
    Open the edit window
  • 4
    Work out where you want your button to appear
  • 5
    click the 'Source' button as shown
    read more content
  • 6
    The source button reveals the code behind your page - find the spot you want your read more button to appear and insert the following script
                    "btn-read-more" href="" target="_blank">Read More
  • 7
    The only change required it the link - the href link can be changed to the url you want to send reader to .. see below to make it clearer
    read more content
  • 8
    When completed, hit the 'Source' button again and check to ensure your button is appearing where you want it and the link is correct
  • 9
    Save the page and continue