Place Add-Ons Anywhere in the Form

  • 1
    Log in as an administrator and go to the Admin Dashboard.
    Learn how to log in here →
  • 2
    Under Modules on the left menu
  • 3
    Find and choose Forms
  • 4
    Click ‘Create New Form’ on the top left of Form Management.
    Event Addons
  • 5
    Drag and drop the 'Event Add-Ons' field and place it anywhere you want it to display
    Event Addons
  • 6
    You can 'Preview' your form and once you're all set, click 'Finish Build Form and Start Configuration' and then click 'Finish'
    Event Addons
  • 7
    You should now see the updated location of your event add-ons on the form.
    Event Addons
  • 8
    If you have not set the 'Event Add-Ons' field on your form, the add-ons will still show but the location will be at the bottom of the form
    Event Addons
  • 9
    Event Add-On on the Actual Event Page:
    • By default, the add-on will be located at the bottom of your form (if you want to place it anywhere, click here)
    • Users can input a quantity and will be calculated based on the price of the add-on
    Event Addons
  • 10
    Congratulations! You have successfully added Add-Ons to your Event.