Sending Notifications from Admin

Select the Contacts for Notifications Broadcasting

  • Log in as administrator.
  • In the left menu, select Contacts > Contact Listing
  • Select conditions to search

Add contact(s) to Notifications Broadcasting group

  • After clicking the Search button, contact(s) will be displayed in the grid.
  • Click Add To Group button to add contact(s) in the grid to the group

Set the Contacts Group

  • Select Type is New (save to new group) and enter the group name in the textbox Name, then click Add button.
  • Select Type is Existing (save to existing group) and select the group name in a select box, then click Add button.

  • Update contact(s) for group:

Number Step Description
1 In the left menu, select Contacts > Contact Groups
  • The list of contact groups will be displayed in the grid
2 Update contact(s) - Click refresh icon to update contact(s)
  • Go to the detail of the group and click the Refresh button in the top right corner
notificationsnotificationsClick OK button in confirm popup to update