Moving a Page Same Parent

Why you would move a page in the same parent page

This will be useful if a user wants to re-order the page or move to another level on the same parent page.

What are the benefits on the same parent

When a page is to re-order but in the same parent page:

Same Parent

How to move a page with same parent

In the edit screen locate the Position drop-downs. In the first drop-down select Before/After.
  • 1
    To move a page, go to the edit screen for this page.
  • 2
    Please follow the steps in this document to edit a page:
    Learn how to edit a page here →
  • 4
    The second drop-down area provides a list of the pages under the same parent page.
  • 5
    Make your selection as required
    Same Parent
  • 6
    Click Update and Close
    Same parent