Testimonials Module Overview

WebEd Testimonial Module displays random customer testimonials throughout the website. Testimonials are a powerful tool for endorsing the virtues of your product or service and we recommend their use throughout your website, particularly on the home page and any page that references your products and services

What are the benefits?

  • Add credibility to your website and company.
  • As this module will randomly post different testimonials throughout the website the visitors will be viewing a range of different testimonials and this will ensure that the website remains fresh.

Adding a Testimonial

  • Log in to Webed9 as administrator
  • In the left menu, select: Modules > Testimonials
  • Click the Create New Testimonial button
  • You are now on the Create New Testimonial page
  • Enter the information on the fields as needed, just remember that the Author and Content fields are required. Other fields are optional.
  • Click Create and Continue Edit to create and stay on the page, or Create to create the testimonial and go back to the Testimonials page.

Optional Author Images

You may want to include an author image (or other) with the testimonial to give it more effect

  • Select Author Image: Click the Icon after the Author Image URL text box.
  • In the new popup, select the image in the root or subfolder.
  • If you don't insert an Author Image, the Testimonials will be displayed as a default image.

Editing a Testimonial

  • Edit a Testimonial: Click on the Edit icon to edit a Testimonial.
  • Delete Testimonial: Click the Delete icon to delete a Testimonial.
  • The Webpage will redirect to the delete page, click the OK button to confirm.

Changing the way Testimonials are displayed

  • You may want to change the way testimonials are displayed
  • By default, the testimonials template will show the author's image
  • You can see the full guide on controlling curly bracket templates here - Curly Bracket Functions#UsingTemplatestoFormattheOutput
  • Find the Curly bracket menu by using the search box at the top of the admin menu
  • Click on Curly Bracket Templates
  • Filter templates by searching for testimonials using the textbox under the Name heading
  • Click Edit to edit the template